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Our conscious team of empowered women, bring together a myriad of positive energies to guide our guests towards a healthier, calmer and more relaxed lifestyle.

Each a professional in their respective fields, our teachers actively live and follow the lifestyle that they promote. Vibrant and healthy, let our qualified teachers guide you down the correct path.

Abudant Life - Team Member Pictures - Am


Amelia Troskie

Transformational Life Coach

Founder of Abundant Life Wellness Retreat

“You live the story you tell yourself” With a background of extensive travelling, living abroad for 8 years and degrees in Communication Sciences, Education and Industrial Psychology, Amelia has a passion for self-growth in both herself and others, living vibrantly healthy, cultures and has a degree of fluency in both German and Dutch. Amelia will be sharing techniques and processes of EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and self-development which she trained for and qualified in.   Using her extensive knowledge gained through her learnership, Amelia has practiced the art of eliminating self-defeating thoughts and habits in her own personal story. Amelia firmly believes that it is in everyones reach  to become all you were intended to be. “Once I learned how to let go of things which I had no control over, I experienced a level of freedom beyond my wildest dreams and started to know true serenity. Everything boils down to a choice, and it all begins and ends in the mind.”

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Brigitte Davies

Yoga Instructress

“Yoga’s incorporation of body strengthening exercise, meditation and breathing can contribute to a person’s mental wellbeing” “Regular Yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centers attention and sharpens concentration” Over the past 17 years, Brigitte has training in Ashtanga Yoga and has attended courses in Forest, Kundalini and Iyengar Yoga. She has also done various meditation retreats and finds great joy in her daily yoga instructing practices on the beach or indoors. 

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De Bruyn-Smith

Health and Skincare Therapist

Melissa is a qualified Health and Skincare therapist who studied at Elizabeth Beauty School based in Port Elizabeth. Melissa received top student accolades 3 years running as well as most outstanding student in her classes. Specializing in body therapy such as massage therapy and body electrical therapy. 

Melissa has a deep passion for people and their personal health and well being, with sports and remedial massage being key areas of her focus.

Abudant Life - Team Member Pictures - Ma

Marié Petrellis

Nutriotional Therapist

“Let food be thy medicine”

– Hippocrates 

Marié is a Nutritional therapist who qualified at the Patrick Holford’s Institute in London. She has consulted widely with both individuals and corporates over the past 13 years as well as writing of a regular nutritional column for a London publication. She fathers a great joy in creating delicious life-giving meals and inspiring others to find the way of good health though the right nutrition.

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